So You Bought a Comedy Club


Well, it has certainly been a full week.  I’ll just have to hit the highlights…

First of all, I had a fantastic show Wednesday on WWSU 106.9.  The first hour of the show, I chatted with filmmaker Evie Warner.  Evie had just returned from San Francisco and LA, where she was working on a new project and spent some time on a film festival panel discussing a previous project.  Evie is always a lot of fun to mess with on the air.  She takes a ribbing well.  We were also joined in the studio by comedian/actor Matthew Barnard.  It was Matthew’s first time on The Life Radio Show but he fit right in.  We had a lot of fun.  You can listen on podbean, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, and YouTube.

For the second half of the live show, prolific local filmmaker Henrique Couto joined me in the studio to talk about his past projects and we didn’t talk about the super-secret project that he is currently filming.  Henrique is always a pleasure to have in the studio.  The regular podcast version will be available on Tuesday.  However, Eventide Entertainment put out the full two-hour show on its lineup this past Friday.

This Friday, I made it official and became an owner of the legendary Wiley’s Comedy Club in downtown Dayton’s historic Oregon District.  Wiley’s is Dayton’s first comedy club and Ohio’s oldest comedy club, with a long, rich history of over 35 years of excellent comedy.  I joined in with three other owners to restore Wiley’s to its former glory.  I got to spend the weekend hanging out with some of my favorite local comics.  John Mulrooney was the headliner for the weekend and I laughed until my face hurt.  John is a veteran professional with an impressive amount of television and radio credits to his name.  I am enthusiastic and terrified to be a part owner of such an amazing club.

Coming up this week on The Life Radio Show:  Tuesday, of course, I will release the Henrique Couto interview.  On Wednesday, the live show is on WWSU 106.9 FM from noon to 2pm Eastern Time, you can livestream the show online.  My guests on the show will be Gary Wood of Wiley’s Comedy Club along with Kyle Steele and Tim Hyland of The Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour podcast.  The second half of the show, The Life is being taken over by The Nicolas Cage Movie Review Hour and we will discuss the movie ConAir!

Coming up this week at Wiley’s Comedy Club:  Tuesday, September 19th is the Dayton Story SLAMM.  Thursday, September 21st is a benefit show for FOA (Families of Addicts) with comedian Pat Godwin headlining and my good friend Scotty Mays up as the feature.  It’s a great show for a good cause.  Friday and Saturday, comedian Dwight Simmons will be headlining for the weekend.  Check out for details, tickets, and reservations.  Book online and save $5 per ticket.  Finally, on Sunday night the weekend wraps up with Wiley’s Sunday Comics, a wonderful array of local comics from first-timers to seasoned veterans.

Thank you for reading and listening to the podcast.  Get out there and support local comedy wherever you are.  With the political environment and the stresses we all face everyday of our lives, we NEED to get out and laugh.  It’s healing!

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