A Long-Postponed Introduction

I have been putting off starting this blog for far too long…

Just to quickly introduce myself:  I am from the Dayton, OH area and a graduate of Wright State University with a BA in English.  I am currently working on my MBA.  I am an HVAC technician by trade and have been for over ten years.

Since I was 25 years old, I have been acting in local theatre, with several shows with Dayton Theatre Guild, Brookville Community Theatre and Troy Civic Theatre.  I put acting on hold somewhat to finish my English degree but I have been getting back to it lately.

A little over three years ago, I began performing stand-up comedy at local bars and clubs as a way to get back on stage.  Working second shift makes the commitment required for live theatre performance nearly impossible.  Comedy, however, allows me to be onstage without the months-long commitment to nightly rehearsals.

Still unable to perform stand-up comedy as often as I would like, I became involved with WWSU radio at Wright State University.  In January of 2015, I started broadcasting The Life Radio Show.  The Life has been my way to remain connected to the Dayton comedy community when I am unable to get to shows.  Each week, I invite some of the best local comics to come on to the show have some laughs.  Additionally, I have some of the top local musicians and filmmakers join me as well.

Originally, The Life Radio Show was a live broadcast only.  After a year flying solo, I briefly invited a co-host who began to publish segments from the radio to his podcast.  Around October of 2016, I had to put the show on hiatus for a few months but returned in January 2017 sans co-host.  Flying solo again, I started to release the show as a podcast as well, available on Podbean, Stitcher, and iTunes.  I have recently been added as a part of Eventide Entertainment‘s podcast lineup!

Please listen in each week, the live show is on WWSU 106.9FM every Wednesday from noon to 2pm Eastern time.  The live feed will also stream here.  The podcast versions come out on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Tune in for some fun, a lot of laughs, and a chance to look back and say, “I heard that comic on The Life before anyone knew who they were!”

That is all for now.  I’m going to try to get a new blog post up each Sunday to let you know what’s going on with the show and the comedy community.

This week’s guest on the show will be filmmakers Evie Warner and Henrique Couto.  There may be more!Don Smith Headshot

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